Who here was an OG member back in the day?

Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by 67rs, May 11, 2017.

  1. dms_808

    dms_808 Member

    well who is number 1? me or nick?
  2. dj720

    dj720 New Member

    OG lurker...deejay720
  3. scca s2000 #23

    scca s2000 #23 New Member

  4. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    I'm Japanese so Little Shaft...

    Oh Staff!...I thought I read Shaft!!!!
  5. Tokyo

    Tokyo New Member

    Nah, staff can be little too. Short, thin, whateva floats the boats unko. ;)
  6. 4down

    4down New Member

    Where's acuraracer at?
  7. DB8

    DB8 New Member

    I think I joined in 05 but used to lurk way before that. Never really posted much though.
  8. slowDOHCrex

    slowDOHCrex New Member

    YEAH U
  9. slowDOHCrex

    slowDOHCrex New Member

    Hazzit errbody member since 2000, where's all of our old post count and shit lol
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  10. Street DreamS

    Street DreamS New Member

    Oh Snap!! This should Get Interesting
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  11. Punker

    Punker New Member

    I'm baaaaaaaack haha
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  12. KOBZ

    KOBZ New Member

    Ahhh shit... I got kids now !!! LMAO
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  13. Tokyo

    Tokyo New Member

    New forum.
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  14. gotrice

    gotrice New Member

    Forgot my old username but been here since 2003. Cheeeeeee pono.
  15. NotGermz

    NotGermz New Member

    I lol'd at this. Thats how you know FH been gone for too long.
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  16. Boosted_Art

    Boosted_Art New Member

    Ho shit. Been here from like 02-03. Kinda good to be back!!!
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  17. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

    Anyone for Fan Clubs? lol
  18. Punker

    Punker New Member

    I remember H3 (Honda hatchbacks of Hawaii) was created on fh. Is that car club still around?
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  19. wisDOMination

    wisDOMination New Member

    Checkin in
  20. NotGermz

    NotGermz New Member

    I remember OIC [OAHU INTEGRA CLUB] at the time.

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