Why the F does Hawaii keep challenging the Travel Ban?

Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by NickT, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member

    oh great. FH is now turning into breitbart. and this is coming from someone who refuses to watch CNN.
  2. Love2Live

    Love2Live New Member

    Holy shit, Nick Tran, Clyde, KKSM, Anton... the gang's all here, sorta
  3. KKSM

    KKSM Member

    Who dis?
  4. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

  5. KKSM

    KKSM Member

  6. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member

    that's actually not clyde lol. didn't someone say clyde was in jail? i dunno but 808_dms is the homie from back in the trolling days.
  7. NickT

    NickT Member

    How's it going?
  8. dms_808

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  9. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member

  10. scca s2000 #23

    scca s2000 #23 New Member

    Dog Chin is just doing whatever he can to undermine the current administration. Plus, his constituent has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood but that's all under the rug.
  11. tee

    tee New Member

    Guarantee Clyde is in OCCC getting a deep prostate tissue massage. Dms is a diffferen homie.
  12. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member


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