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  1. Tokyo

    Tokyo New Member

    This is based entirely on my own experiences with my 240. Everyone has their own stories, whether fueled by the salt from their failed inspection or the pure ignorance of the person telling the story, it varies greatly as to what people failed for. As well as whatever little leniancy that could possibly be given from having certain inspectors.

    Obvious things were:
    - battery needs to be secured.
    (I even made my own tie down with sheet metal L-brackets and nut/bolts, drilled holes in bay, and secured with threaded J-hooks. The main thing they want is for it to not move. They grab the battery and shake it, it shouldn't move.)

    - intake needs to be secured.
    (Same test as battery, they grab it and try to move it. It's shouldn't move.)

    - you need to get alignment within 30 days prior to your inspection and present that paper to the inspector.

    Some interesting things I've learned from the inspector/inspection:
    - the edge of the tire TREAD is what needs to be in your wheel well. The tire wall is allowed to stick out. If the tread protrudes, you are required to install over fenders/wide body.

    - bounce test is always a cluster fuck of people saying different shit. I won't say anyone else is wrong, but all I was required for was ~1.5" of suspension travel. It did NOT "bounce" or recoil. I passed by merely being able to push down over the strut tower and allowing the suspension (NOT TIRE FLEX) to compress ~1.5". This may vary from inspector to inspector, I suppose.

    - you can AND SHOULD BE very vague when filling out modifications on your recon paper. I literally put things like "lowered" for suspension. Leaving out coilovers or drop springs gives me the freedom to swap between all types of lowered suspension without requiring updated recon papers. Rule of thumb; apply to the whole paper.

    - tire size consistency is a MUST. If you get recon on 215/50/17, don't ever use other tire sizes. Even using a spare after a blowout is legitimate reason for a cranky cop to rip your stupid R sticker off and take your papers and there's nothing you can do about it in court...which makes sense. But sucks. You have to go get recon again. So keep this in mind.

    - some inspectors will get on their hands and knees to check for a catalytic converter, some don't bother, some just reach under and feel for it. I got the latter, thankfully, allowing my resonator to pass as a cat LOL. Pure luck. Yes, you are supposed to have a cat.

    - if your car didn't come with HIDs, you can't have them. You are required to have halogens if that's what it came with. You will fail recon if they check, cuz they tell you to turn the light on with the car off. They will hear that shit buzzing. Put halogens in for your inspection if you're worried. But not all inspectors will check this.

    - lifted trucks need over fenders covering their tire tread and have mud flaps going down and covering at least half of the tire. This was overheard from a truck being inspected alongside me.

    Mind you, ride height is a big thing. I, myself, don't know the requirements as I've never really tried to measure and go in, and push the limit lower and lower until a failure. I just threw on drop springs, passed, then slammed it on coils after. They DO measure bumper heights, front and back, and write it down on the recon paper. But I've been pulled over countless times and had my papers checked, and it seems as though cops don't TYPICALLY (some do) carry yard sticks lol. I've only ever had my recon stripped from a time I got my car impounded from my gear wrenches...yes ;__; falling out of the drain hole in my trunk on the freeway, "sparking" and "flying debris everywhere". Other than that, never. A friend of mine had his recon stripped for having spare tires on and not matching his tire size written on his recon papers. Best to keep spares the same size. Things like this happen. But I made sure to question until I was confident I understood why my recon was taken before telling other people this.

    There are many extra small, one-off rules or situations that I know I'll never get to find out on my own cars, but we can always turn this into a comprehensive thread on tips and guidelines based on community experiences. But I'm afraid that will be difficult as there's guarantee gonna be an influx of salty people who failed and told their salty story to one of their salty friends, then we get to play salty telephone and then one of you donkeys are gonna come in here and say stuff you heard that is very misinformative. Don't do that shit. Only input if you spoke to the inspector, asked them questions, and can give THOSE answers here. Thanks ah!

    I'll be editing and updating this as I go along. Good luck.
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  2. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds good!
  3. maxpham

    maxpham New Member

    I got my recon in 2013 after doing the following.
    1. Installed DOT lights all around. I failed the first time through because JDM.
    2. Besides getting softer springs, you can adjust/remove anti-roll bar and adjust your shocks if adjustable. 450lbf / 335lbf spring rates were impossible for my ~2100lb car to pass the bounce test. I swapped to 335lbf /225lbf and all was forgiven.
  4. SilkyJohnson

    SilkyJohnson New Member

    Sounds like a way to just write more tickets for cops.

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