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    Crackdown on modified vehicles spurs hundreds of citations at truckers rally
    Thursday, August 31st 2017, 5:28 pm HSTThursday, August 31st 2017, 6:04 pm HST
    By Jobeth Devera, Reporter

    [​IMG] (Image: TeamBuilt)
    KAPOLEI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -
    An annual truck rally held Sunday in Kapolei was disrupted when Honolulu police officers and city vehicle inspectors arrived in force.

    The crackdown on modified vehicles caught drivers by surprise.

    HPD said more than 300 citations on roughly 100 vehicles were issued. Nearly 40 reconstruction-related tickets were handed out and 17 recon permits were revoked.

    "As soon as I came across the light, two biker cops followed me and their sergeant also followed me and they blocked me in before I could even park," said driver Michael Villanueva.

    Villanueva, who denies his truck is illegal modified, got several citations.

    "They charged me four times for no flares and no mud flaps," Villanueva said.

    The annual Almighty Truck Cruise is tradition for hundreds of automotive enthusiasts who gather and ride around the island in a convoy of trucks.

    The event usually ends with a community beach barbeque.

    Some say with so many complaints about the truckers and their public cruising, the crackdown on Sunday was inevitable.

    "It was just out of control, "said Michael Kitchens, an avid car enthusiast. "They were blocking the road and doing burn outs and ust disrupting traffic."

    Kitchens says he supports these types of events, but it was only a matter of time before HPD would send a message.

    "It's one of those things where they put themselves on the radar and because of that, they're in the spotlight and they'll be getting all the action from police because of what has happened in the past," said Kitchens.

    Vilanueva said the crackdown was harassment just because their hobby is unpopular and people don't like their trucks.

    "If we have recon and our trucks up-to-date on safety and registration, it's obvious our trucks are safe to be driven," Villanueva said.

    HPD said the enforcement followed years of complaints about prior rallies, including speeding, reckless driving and damage at beach parks.
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    Gotta love the commentary from Mike Kitchens. Pretty soon it'll be PM me the route. lol

    I think the truckers were lucky they didn't get their vehicles impounded. The truck in the video got tickets for no flares and mudflaps. His tint looked mighty dark, too, and that would be one expensive ticket..
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    I know one time a group kept promoting a cruise as a "F-Recon" cruise and it caught the attention of the Recon guys. So of course met the challenge....

    If they just kept it civil it would have went under radar...
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    I would love to join these events.
  5. 808CVPI

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    Wow these street racers are getting out of hand! 2 nights in a row they crashed...1 onto a house and the other on a wet freeway curve!!!
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    Passed by the one Saturday night/Sunday morning. There were a bunch of cars pulled over on the shoulder and a HPD cruiser just got there before me. There was an ambulance way behind me with its lights flashing. Thought to myself wtf happened here as I saw what looked like a bunch of rubbish on the shoulder area. Dropped some stuff off to a friend in Nuuanu and headed back to Hawaii Kai. Came upon the scene again and there were about 5 cruisers blocking off the freeway and an ambulance on site.

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